Retail & Distribution

Delivery Services Provider: DR project

An international shipping and courier service delivering across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world

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Storage & Distribution Consolidator

Family owned specialist in ambient grocery and FMCG storage and distribution.

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Fast Food Provider

Fast food provider with 1,000+ stores experiencing significant growth and high dependence on ecommerce technology.

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Food & Drink Importer

This highly successful specialist food & drink importer and distributor is a key supplier to all the major UK supermarke...

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Web Retailer

Our client is the UK division of a well-known web retailer with global interests covering a vast range of consumer produ...

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Business Continuity Planning for the Retail & Distribution Sector

Our clients operating in the retail and distribution sector are extremely efficient and they have to be to survive in this competitive marketplace where expectations are high and exacting service level agreements (SLAs) leave no room for manoeuvre. Business continuity planning builds upon this efficiency to ensure that it can continue, even should the worst happen.

Complex supply chains and dependencies are sometimes a minefield when trying to ascertain what risk exposures a company can face. We have developed analysis and review methods that allow the supply chain continuity to be understood and pragmatic solutions to be identified to keep services operating at a satisfactory level.

Single points of failure need to be understood and considered. The loss of a retail outlet can happen and insurance will allow this risk to be transferred effectively. However, the loss of a distribution hub, central IT system or logistics capability must be planned for to ensure that key operations can continue. If you are exposed to a potential loss of IT then ensure that manual contingencies at till points and in the warehouse will keep operations running until IT is recovered. It may not be as efficient but keeping customer services operating is far more important.

We work with our retail and distribution clients helping them understand the risk to which they are potentially exposed and ensuring that all pre incident actions have been undertaken to bring these risks within acceptable levels to management. Having clear and straightforward business continuity plans that can be picked up by a trained incident management team gives our clients the confidence that they can face any unexpected event should it occur. This allows them to get on with their day job in the meantime.