Fast Food Provider

The Client

Fast Food Provider image

FTSE 250 fast food delivery franchise company, manufacturer and distributer to over 500 outlets.

The Challenge

The company’s insurers requested that they build a business continuity plan for their Head Office and food production facilities.

Our client recognised that this was not a discipline that they were familiar with and sought our assistance to facilitate the process, after receiving a recommendation from their insurance brokers.

The Solution

The objective was set at the beginning of the project to ensure that essential services and products could always be provided to outlets at acceptable levels. The worst case scenario set was the loss of any office or production facility and all of its contents. IT and communications requirements were also taken into consideration.

Teed facilitated the business impact analysis process to determine priorities and recovery timescales.

Recovery strategies and contingencies were then developed to ensure requirements could always be satisfied. Some concessions were identified that would require operating in a slightly different manner, thus ensuring solutions were affordable.

An incident management hierarchy and business continuity plan were then developed and exercised.

The Result

The insurance company were extremely impressed with the business continuity plan, expressing that it was the best that they had ever seen. This has obviously helped during annual negotiations of terms. 

Teed consultants continue to provide regular independent exercises of the incident management team to ensure plans stay up to date and responsibilities are understood.