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Global Law Firm

Multinational law firm practising in all principal areas of law from offices in Europe, US and Asia Pacific regions

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Risk Management Company

Specialist risk management company carrying out risk assessments to manage safety and environmental risks

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Chartered Surveying Company

Our client is a chartered surveying company offering a broad range of professional measurement services.

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Solicitors providing legal services to commercial, public sector and private clients

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Business Continuity Planning for Professional Services Firms

When you are being paid to deliver advice and services to your customers you rarely have the luxury of being able to put those services on hold for several days or weeks. Clients expect to be able to contact you within hours, particularly when you are at a crucial stage within a project or have a deadline to satisfy. Having effective business continuity plans that will ensure that you can remain in contact and be seen to be in control is therefore essential.

We work with solicitors, accountants, surveyors, consultants and other professional services firms in facilitating the analysis and planning stages of their business continuity projects to ensure that they can continue to provide essential services to their clients at all times. There are some concessions that can be made to certain back office and less urgent services, so it is not essential to have all IT and workspace replicated. Similarly we usually identify workarounds or contingencies that can buy some time so that solutions can be less expensive.

Once we have exercised our clients’ plans they are confident that they could respond effectively to any incident causing a loss of resource, whether this be people, premises, IT, phone or data communications, supplier, information or other dependency. You never know what incident you may have to face but having flexible plans in place, defined responsibilities, recovery strategy options and an effective incident management process will stand you in good stead to manage the situation and ensure the continuity of key client services.

We recognise that it takes many years to build a reputation and client base as a professional services firm and if you are not seen to be in control then you can quickly lose market share that could take years to rebuild. Insurance will not cover you for this but effective business continuity planning will.