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Teed has been working with clients since 1999 to develop and implement comprehensive Business Continuity plans and IT Disaster Recovery plans. Our experienced consultants analyse business needs and map these to recovery strategies that are cost-effective and practical. Plans are built around these strategies which will help to increase overall business resilience.

Working with many different organisations from across industries and sectors means we have first-hand knowledge of the types of disruptive scenarios that could cause of loss of key resources (people, premises, technology, equipment, suppliers). If not planned for, organisations can be faced with a longer period of recovery to contend with following an incident and the ensuing knock-on effects.

Our consultants would be pleased to discuss how Teed can help your organisation prepare for unforeseen adverse situations by developing appropriate plans and strategies that will work in practice. You may also like to look at our FAQs page which gives an overview of business continuity planning and how we work. 

All our contact details are listed on this page, alternatively please complete the enquiry form below and tell us about your requirements. We will be in touch by return, thank you.