Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Production & Development Co

Independent oil & gas production and development company with onshore and offshore assets in the UK and Asia

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Gas Terminal

The Operator of a gas terminal producing approximately 20% of the UK's gas needs

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Oil & Gas Operator

FTSE250 leading North Sea oil & gas operating company.

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Global Energy Company

One of the largest energy companies in the world operating in over 100 countries employing more than 80,000 people.

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Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Compa...

Our client is an oil & gas exploration and production company with multiple locations in the UK, Europe and North Americ...

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Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery Planning for the Oil & Gas Industry

The primary business continuity objectives for Teed’s clients in the oil and gas sector are typically to ensure that:

In the event of an unexpected incident, they will be able to maintain people safety and environmental standards, protect assets, safeguard the continuity of operations and protect their organisation’s reputation.

Teed’s consultants will help clients to identify events that could threaten these objectives and develop risk controls and recovery strategies to ensure the risk exposure is reduced to acceptable levels.

We have proven that the business continuity management (BCM) discipline can be integrated effectively with an energy company’s risk management and insurance focus to ensure a joined up approach to managing, controlling and transferring risks. BCM is not just for considering the loss of ICT or offices, it should be extended to include a focus upon people criticality, supply chain dependencies and other single points of failure that could jeopardise operations.

Teed has produced a number of resources to help organisations understand the benefits of BCM for the oil & gas industry, the types of risks that should be considered and the controls that can be applied. You can also take our quick Oil & Gas Business Continuity Survey asking “Are you prepared?”

Oil & Gas Business Continuity Guidance.pdf

Minimising Operational Downtime.pdf

Are you prepared - Oil & Gas Business Continuity Survey.pdf