Training & Awareness

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a straightforward process for preparing an organisation pre-incident to cope with the impacts of a disruption to business operations. It is really important to make sure everyone in the organisation understands that an effective BCM programme is the key to achieving a cohesive and coordinated response to an incident. 

Through training and awareness sessions, it is possible to educate both management and staff not only in the benefits of developing a BCM programme, but to provide them with a good understanding of their roles and responsibilities both before and after an incident – vital to ensuring a successful outcome. Staff training is a recognised element of the BCM standard ISO 22301, which advocates embedding BCM in the culture of the organisation through development of an ongoing training and awareness programme.

Teed has developed and facilitated training and awareness sessions for their clients over many years using tried and tested methods and easy to use material. We recognise that people have limited time available so every session is designed to make full use of the allotted time. Courses are practical and interactive with participants encouraged to engage fully through role play, break out sessions, group discussion and hands on practical exercises.

Training & Awareness Sessions

Teed has a range of established courses that we offer to our clients, each of which can be adapted to suit specific requirements and objectives. Some examples of popular Teed training and awareness courses:

  • Introduction to BCM (1 hour – ½ day)
  • Exercise & Test Facilitation (1 day)
  • Incident Management Techniques in Response to BC Threatening Event (1 day)
  • Business Continuity Planning (1 day)
  • Business Impact Analysis (½ day – 1 day)
  • ICT Disaster Recovery Planning (1 day)
  • Pandemic Planning (1 hour – ½ day)

Our consultants ensure that appropriate learning methods are adopted, including presentation, workshops, case studies, videos etc. Feedback mechanisms will be incorporated to track learning success and identify subsequent actions and areas of focus.

Testimonials from delegates at some recent Teed courses:

“Excellent course, with great facilitators having expert subject knowledge and real life examples.”

“Well structured course with case study thread running through it.”

 “Excellent presentation and explanation of material. This subject is not the most exciting in the world but I found myself enjoying this course.”

“David’s excellent knowledge kept it interesting.”


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