Oil & Gas Operator

The Client

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FTSE250 leading North Sea oil & gas operating company.

The Challenge

Once internal business continuity plans were in place, our client agreed that it was now necessary to focus upon their external dependencies that could threaten their ability to maintain safety standards, protect their credibility and keep drilling and production operations running.

Teed consultants were tasked with designing, developing and implementing a methodology to review and score the client’s critical suppliers business continuity preparedness.

The Solution

A review process was developed that linked in with business continuity best practice. More importantly it allowed the “real risks” to be understood.

The top 20 critical suppliers were taken through a structured business continuity review process during discussions that typically lasted 2 hours.

A report was presented to our client’s management team that clearly outlined the areas of concern, the risk to which they were currently exposed and recommended actions to mitigate risk and ensure impacts can be kept within pre-agreed acceptable limits.

A scoring method was adopted to rank the suppliers in order of preparedness. This has proven to be a great way to motivate them to take action to improve upon their current business continuity preparedness.

The Result

The client was so delighted with the innovative approach and its effectiveness that it is now in its third year of being used to manage their supply chain risks and is also being rolled out to operations in other countries.

Teed consultants continue to facilitate the independent reviews to ensure that our clients exacting requirements are adopted. The results form an integral part of the supply chain management process.