About us

Who we are

Teed is an independent consultancy established in 1999 by David Teed who comes from a background in commercial insurance broking and risk management. David recognised that business continuity deserved to be seen as a discipline in its own right and set out to promote the importance of business continuity planning.

We are regarded as specialists in Business Continuity planningIT Disaster Recovery planning and Cyber Security Response planning. The calibre of our consulting work has been recognised by industry awards. Our consultants are skilled professionals who bring a wealth of experience from diverse backgrounds and all are members of the Business Continuity Institute in the UK.

We use a no nonsense approach that is both cost effective and time efficient which we believe is fundamental to managing successful projects. Much of our business comes from existing clients and referrals which perhaps proves the point.

Teed is based in Scotland, but like our pioneering Scots ancestors, our global reach extends much further as we share our skills and experience with a wide range of UK and international clients.

We have carried out a huge range of business continuity and disaster recovery projects across public and private sectors. Examples of our many different types of client projects can be seen here Case Studies & Sectors


Teed Approach

More often than not it is assumed that response planning can be managed in house whether for Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery or Cyber Security. Realistically it is not always possible to devote the staff and time required to implement an effective response and recovery programme. As with other functions, these can be outsourced and this is where Teed’s specialist knowledge is invaluable.

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Teed’s consultants have a wealth of experience gained from working across many industries in the public, private and voluntary sectors. They are highly skilled professionals who use their expertise to ensure that every project is managed according to the client’s requirements and expectations. Their passion for the subject and firm conviction in the benefits of response planning brings even the most sceptical to the realisation that this is an essential tool for helping reduce impacts to operational capability.

Working with the internal project manager, our consultant can take the role of an external resource ensuring the project is completed within the agreed timescales, whilst keeping both time and budget within acceptable limits. Teed’s consultants use tried and tested methods that ensure the necessary information is obtained from business representatives simply, effectively and timeously. By keeping Teed's involvement to a minimum, people are happy to talk to us again when we need their input at later stages in the project.

With the programme in place, Teed’s consultants will continue to meet regularly with the internal client contacts to assist with the ongoing Exercising, Maintenance, Training and Awareness that are required to keep the planning activity live and fit for purpose.

Time and again, our clients come back to us sure in the knowledge that they will continue to receive skilled, no nonsense guidance every step of the way.

How we work

At Teed, we believe in keeping our consulting methods straightforward, flexible and commercially focused. Rather than taking a rigid approach, we adapt to fit in with each client's individual scope and objectives.

We have worked with more than 250 organisations since the firm's inception in 1999. They can have confidence that impacts upon their organisation will remain within acceptable limits in the event of an unexpected disruptive event.

A major focus of any Teed project is upon keeping recovery solutions cost effective, ensuring that inexpensive in-house workarounds are identified and utilised where feasible. Equally important, we make sure that client time is kept to a minimum by not keeping anyone in a room for longer than we have to. That way they will be happy to meet with us again at later stages in the project. Almost every aspect of the project can be carried out virtually using conferencing and video tools, minimising travel and time.

Teed's consultants and project staff bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience that transforms an often perceived complex and overwhelming business continuity project into a straightforward process that takes full advantage of proven methods and innovative ideas used previously when working with other organisations.

It is important to us that each and every one of our clients receives exactly the same level of consulting service and attention to detail. Maintaining continuity of business is relevant to every organisation regardless of size or budget.

Teed is well versed in helping management and personnel to buy into the purpose of business continuity and disaster recovery planning leading to more effective programme management.