IT Disaster Recovery Planning

IT Disaster Recovery (DR) involves the development, implementation and testing of resilience measures and recovery strategies to ensure that the minimum IT, data and communications requirements of business users will always be satisfied.

Teed consultants are typically asked to get involved in client DR projects for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. The IT manager will have a pretty good idea of what his/her department needs to do, but needs independent assurance to prove to the management team that the resource investment is fully justified
  2. The IT manager is unsure whether full resilience of services/data or a gradual recovery is appropriate and requires help facilitating the analysis and planning process to ensure relevant solutions are identified and lessons are learned from organisations that have undertaken similar projects
  3. The business has provided little or no direction in respect of their resource recovery priorities or requirements and assistance is required to obtain their “shopping list of requirements”, so that the IT department can make progress with designing appropriate recovery strategies to satisfy these
  4. There is only a limited budget available to implement DR and independent input is required on how this can be achieved in a cost effective manner
  5. There is no internal resource available with sufficient experience to manage the DR project within the timescales available

Depending upon requirements, Teed consultants can be involved in scoping the project as well as specific elements of project, for example:

We can also provide guidance on appropriate solution implementation, awareness and maintenance processes as well as provide project support/management throughout the project and on an ongoing basis.