Continuity & Recovery Planning Services

Teed has been working with clients since 1999 helping them put Business Continuity,  IT Disaster Recovery and Cyber Response plans in place that enable them to respond to business disruptions and recover business priorities quickly. 

We have a range of services to help our clients be in control and provide reassurance to their staff, customers and shareholders that effective contingencies have been thought through, documented and tested.

Business Continuity Planning

Developing and implementing plans, processes and procedures for clients so they understand how they should prepare for a disruption that causes a loss of resource whether that is premises, people, IT & communications, equipment or information or a combination.  Find out more 

Training and awareness is provided to ensure key individuals understand their roles and responsibilities to manage business continuity before, during and after a disruptive event.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Helping clients to manage the loss of IT & communications by understanding what they already have in place to meet business priorities and where there are gaps in the recovery capability that would restrict an effective recovery of the business.  Find out more

Cyber Security Response Planning

Cyber security threats typically rank highest amongst executive concerns as they recognise the significant reputational, financial, regulatory and other impacts that these could cause. In some instances, they can even bring down an organisation if not managed effectively. Teed supports clients to extend response planning to include cyber security within business continuity and disaster recovery processes. Find out more

Pandemic Planning & COVID-19 Contingency Planning

Manage the impacts of a greatly reduced workforce caused by a widespread disease that becomes a public health emergency, epidemic or pandemic. Teed’s consultants will look at a worst case scenarios to enable effective management of pandemic phases developing strategies to cope with unavailability of premises, people, supplies and other critical resources. Find out more

Incident Management Planning

Develop and implement a corporate response to an incident, define command and control responsibilities for senior management teams, escalation and incident management tasks. Find out more

What can Teed do for you?

Our consultants will take time to discuss the most appropriate service for you. We can manage every stage of the project or provide help where and when you need it. Once agreed, we will send you a proposal detailing the work, timescales and fees. 

Not sure whether you need a business continuity or IT disaster recovery plan, or both? Read our FAQs for a quick explanation of the differences