Technology & Telecoms

Telecommunications Company

One of the world’s leading mobile telecommunication services providers.

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Data centre & ICT service provider

International IT services company with over 50,000 staff worldwide and 6,000 within the UK.

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ICT Infrastructure Provider

This global ICT infrastructure provider is a key supplier to one of the largest UK government departments, taking respon...

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Business Continuity Planning for Technology & Telecoms Companies

Teed consultants have built up a wealth of experience working with many leading technology & telecoms companies. Utilising high calibre consultants with extensive experience of designing complex technical solutions has helped to ensure that we can add value to our clients’ projects.

We work with a range of organisations in this sector from mobile phone companies to IT service providers helping develop and test solutions and plans to ensure essential services can continue in the event of the loss of key facilities and resources. We understand the dependencies and singles points of failure that could impact services and how a combination of effective risk controls, recovery strategy implementation and a defined incident management process can help address these issues effectively.

We also carry out projects for international clients, typically the more challenging technical projects or those where a global approach to planning is required.