The Client

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One of Scotland’s leading full service law firms

The Challenge

Business continuity planning had not been considered previously and several incidents had occurred that caused unacceptable disruptions to the business.

It was recognised that a more major incident could cause a complete loss of client confidence and impact upon the credibility of the firm over generations. Several banking clients had started to ask about business continuity and was only a matter of time before proof of effective business continuity plans would be a requirement to maintain them as clients.

The Solution

The support services and practice discipline managers were taken through a business impact analysis process using an interview method lasting up to 1½ hours per participant. This allowed essential information to be obtained on priorities and minimum resource requirements, whilst not taking too much time so that fee generating activities were not unduly disrupted.

It was recognised prior to the analysis discussions that implementing resilient IT systems and a contracted business recovery site would not be affordable. Therefore, the focus was upon identifying contingencies and workarounds that would ensure client services were maintained.

The Result

A critical data repository was established to ensure all Day 1 information requirements would be readily accessible, giving the IT department time to manage recovery of IT services over several days.

The activity contributed to the winning of a legal industry award and the firm being recognised in leading the field in business continuity whilst many of their competitors had not yet started thinking about it.