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David Teed in conversation with HSBC Insights raises awareness of the importance and advantages of implementing effective business continuity planning to protect the business and retain customer confidence.

In the midst of uncertainty, planning for the future may seem impossible but when you’re preparing for recovery thinking through different scenarios, actions and outcomes could help your business survive and thrive.


“The value of business continuity planning (BCP) is in the process rather than the plan itself”

says David Teed, Senior Consultant, Teed Business Continuity.

“Thinking through what’s critical for your business to carry on – whether that’s people, technology, data or suppliers – and how these could be affected in different scenarios. That then enables you to identify workarounds and strategies. What the plan does is to organise and communicate those thoughts to the business.”

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HSBC Insights, published 18 June 2020




  • Date: 18th June 2020
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