Business Continuity Assurance Health Check

An annual health check on your business continuity planning arrangements is the best way to check progress has been made during the past 12 months on increasing resilience to disruptions within the whole organisation. This will satisfy executives, auditors, investors, customers and other stakeholders that your organisation can continue to maintain its critical activities, services and reputation in the event of an incident causing a loss of resource (premises, people, information, equipment, suppliers).

Effective planning helps to ensure relevant threats are understood and mitigated against accordingly, whether the cause of an incident is due to winter weather disrupting transport systems, a cyber security event, lost premises, an IT service disruption, personnel unavailability or supplier disruption.

Undertaking a business continuity exercise, test or review is a good way to raise awareness, create an understanding of the current position and identify the required improvement activity for the coming year.  Using Teed's specialist services ensures that the latest good practice is adhered to, the preparedness status is independently verified, resulting recommendations are justified and you can obtain a benchmark against similar organisations.

Business continuity health check special

Teed is offering three special independent assurance services with a preferential fee of £3,500 (plus VAT and expenses), for Teed consultants to undertake any one of the following independent assurance services. The three services are summarised below and full details can be downloaded using the link at the foot of the page:

Option 1. Business Continuity Exercise

Half or full day desktop exercise, including business continuity awareness session

Option 2. IT Disaster Recovery Test

Half or full day technical recovery test or DR focused desktop exercise, including IT disaster recovery awareness session

Option 3. Gap Analysis

Independent review of current business continuity or IT disaster recovery preparedness to identify any gaps between “required” versus “achievable” recovery capability based upon anticipated worst case scenarios, together with recommendations for improving upon current position.

Download full details of all three options: Teed BC Assurance Health Check 2020.pdf