How to avoid having all your eggs in one basket when you are a small to medium business

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David Teed, Director and Senior Consultant at Teed, said:

"We have been offering Business Continuity packages for SMEs alongside our other consultancy services for a number of years, but as we are seeing an increasing level interest from small and medium businesses in business continuity, we decided the time was right to review our Continuity Cover service and bring it up to date.

Statistics suggest that small and medium businesses are far less likely than larger organisations to be able to cope and recover sufficiently from a serious incident which can leave them vulnerable to the pressures of market forces. These businesses play a vital part in the supply chain at every level and they are finding, now more than ever, that they are being asked to provide evidence of business continuity planning to meet customer expectations.

Small and medium businesses can find themselves in a 'Catch 22' situation where they recognise the value of having a business continuity plan, but have limited resources to devote to developing a plan. Our new look Continuity Cover service is an ideal solution offering three fixed price packages designed to suit every size and budget bringing fast, effective business continuity planning within reach of small and medium businesses.

A business continuity plan not only provides reassurance for staff and customers that you can respond quickly and effectively to an adverse situation, but can put you one step ahead of your competitors, particularly when it comes to fulfilling tender requirements. Evidence also suggests that it may help reduce insurance premiums too which is perhaps one of the lesser known benefits of business continuity management. Plenty of good reasons not to have all your eggs in one basket and start planning today."

  • Date: 17th October 2012
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