BC Awareness + Resilience Week 13th-17th May 2024

The Business Continuity Institute's Business Continuity Awareness & Resilience Week (BCAW+R) is nearly here.

This year’s theme is "Empowering tomorrow: building resilience today"

The BCI’s aim for BCAW+R is to raise awareness by supporting organizations, communities and professionals/practitioners to take a progressive approach to business continuity and resilience, highlighting the significance of preparedness, community and collaboration, in the face of emerging challenges.

BCAW+R will focus on the proactive and empowering aspect of building resilience today to prepare for the uncertainties of tomorrow.

  • Proactive preparedness
  • Resilience & innovation
  • Building community resilience
  • Employee engagement
  • Aligning with DEI, environmental and social responsibility
  • Learning from the past and preparing for the future


Engage with the BCI's Business Continuity Awareness + Resilience Week to discover what you can do.


Teed fully supports this proactive approach to raising awareness of business continuity and resilience. Understanding the importance of the interconnectivity between related disciplines enables a holistic approach to the overall sustainability of organisations.

Teed works with clients to help them build resilience into business continuity planning and solutions, by taking a collaborative approach to implementing risk controls and keeping disruptive impacts within acceptable limits.

Please get in touch with Teed to discuss how we can help you achieve greater resilience.

  • Date: 29th April 2024
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