Protecting the Supply Chain

Imagine the scenario…

You hear a short news report whilst driving to work relating to transport disruption at the other end of the country, following a fire at a warehouse. You disregard it and feel thankful that your own journey to work seems to be going smoothly.

Several hours (or potentially days) later, one of your team advises you that a key supplier to your company has suffered a major fire and will not be delivering to you for the foreseeable future. No further information is available, but that short news story this morning has just taken on a whole new meaning.

How can you protect your supply chain?

  • Develop an understanding of what activities are critical to your key business objectives, and what suppliers you are dependent upon to deliver these
  • Define how you would be impacted by the loss of these suppliers – this may even be due to the failure of one of their suppliers! – and their current recovery capability (i.e. how long before they could restart the supply of their goods or services)
  • Develop strategies & action plans for your organisation so that you are able to keep the impacts within acceptable limits and keep your critical activities going
  • Test, test & test again to provide assurance that your plans work and your suppliers are being realistic in their planning activities

How can Teed help?

Teed has worked alongside many organisations who want to develop a resilient supply chain. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to supply chain resilience and the snapshots of projects below demonstrate how Teed has already assisted clients:

Oil & Gas

Having already identified their critical suppliers, our client wished to conduct a review of potential exposures through identification of each critical supplier’s business continuity preparedness. Teed facilitated discussions with each supplier to provide a consistent, independent assessment in line with best practice and reported on the maximum potential disruption to services should they be affected by an incident. 

Read the case study Oil & Gas Operator

Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing

Teed facilitated an ongoing programme of tabletop exercises with our client’s key suppliers to provide independent assurance that contingency plans are valid, effective & fit for purpose.

“Teed Business Continuity has provided invaluable assistance with the right amount of focus and professionalism needed to kick start an invaluable review of the supply chain…the exercises not only helped promote awareness amongst our supply chain, but have created real value & tangible benefits to not only our organisation but the suppliers as well.”

(Business Continuity Manager, Advanced Manufacturing Organisation)

  • Date: 12th October 2020
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