Telecommunications Company

The Client

Telecommunications Company image

One of the world’s leading mobile telecommunication services providers.

The Challenge

This global telecommunications provider recognised that a consistent approach was now required to their technical recovery testing, to ensure that there was no exposure to unacceptable impacts and also to help ensure quality standards could be monitored centrally. 

Teed consultants were asked to create the following documents:

  • Rehearsal Planning & Recovery Execution Guidance document
  • Rehearsal Planning document
  • Recovery Execution document

The Solution

Existing relevant documentation and other information was reviewed and analysed.

Meetings were facilitated between the consultant, the company’s business continuity manager and other key individuals with knowledge of the current rehearsal and recovery execution approaches and relevant policies. Also a technical recovery test was observed.

The Result

The Rehearsal Planning & Recovery Execution Guidance document was produced, providing a concise overview of the recovery rehearsal and recovery execution processes for reference by managers and to aid their awareness of these processes.

The Rehearsal Planning document was produced outlining the rehearsal lifecycle from initial planning to post-test mop-up meeting and actions arising. The document was aimed at Project Managers to enable them to plan rehearsals and assign activities to relevant groups/individuals within their projects using a straightforward, standard approach.

The Recovery Execution document was produced, complementing the existing Service Recovery Plan through outlining the recovery process from initial plan invocation to successful restoration of systems and services.

Several years later, these documents continue to provide the foundation for maintaining an effective technical testing process.