Supermarket Chain

The Client

Supermarket Chain image

UK supermarket chain with over 400 stores.

The Challenge

The client had recently set up a second data centre which would ultimately help to ensure resilience of ICT services.

During the implementation, DR plans had not been updated and were now out of date. Also there was not a clear understanding of how long IT services could be disrupted and the business continuity plans were therefore based upon unsubstantiated assumptions.

Some focus was urgently required to ensure that essential head office and support services could be maintained in the event of a complete or partial loss of data centre services.

It was recognised that, although the internal technical specialists were all undertaking effective implementation activity, they were perhaps not the right people to bring together all required information into useful documents and plans.

The Solution

Discussions were facilitated with technical specialists to gain an appreciation of the recovery strategies that would now be appropriate for the various IT services and the achievable recovery times, subject to testing.

An ICT Service Continuity Plan was produced that clearly defined the roles, responsibilities and actions required to ensure an efficient recovery of services for the business in the event of the loss of any ICT facility or dependency.

A recommendations report was provided, detailing all further activity required to close any identified gaps and test/maintain the plans.

The Result

The identified strategies and plans were fully implemented, as well as integrated with the client’s business continuity plans.

Two years later, Teed consultants have now been asked to review the current position and facilitate exercises to provide independent confirmation that plans will work in practice and to identify any further improvements that may be required.