Middle Eastern Bank

The Client

Middle Eastern Bank image

One of the largest banks in Saudi Arabia, it is mandated to have business continuity management (BCM) and IT disaster recovery (DR) systems in place and ensure technology can be relied upon to ensure availability of critical banking systems.

The Challenge

The client was in the process of making significant changes and improvements to its technology, investing time and money and relying on the support of third parties. The bank wanted to ensure the response and recovery capability was sufficiently robust to enable the resumption of time critical IT systems and services following a disruptive incident. 

It was recognised that independent specialist support was needed to ensure risks were not being taken and to prove the effectiveness of the IT DR solution being put in place. Real, solid experience of pulling together recovery strategies and documentation was required and Teed was called in to lead the IT DR plan development activities to ensure that international best practice and proven methods were followed.

The Solution

Teed’s consultant facilitated a series of IT DR plan development discussions to collect relevant information to allow an overarching IT DR plan to be produced. This provided the framework for the bank’s IT DR capability and ultimately linked to IT DR plans for specific applications which were to be developed by the bank, using templates and guidance provided by Teed.

Taking account of cultural sensitivities, the consultant adapted the initial workshop approach to interviews with representatives, together with desktop analysis of documentation. Although this did result in taking on more of the project than originally anticipated, it was necessary to ensure participants were sufficiently comfortable and engaged and has proved a useful model for subsequent projects in the Middle East.

Necessary changes were identified to technical recovery testing methods and plans to ensure recovery capabilities were fully tested and took account of the required ability to recover and protect sensitive customer data.

The Result

Teed provided the client with an IT DR framework and documentation which they could be confident would stand up to IT DR tests and real events. The consultant identified improvement and pre-incident implementation actions to take forward to ensure recovery strategies were proven and effective.

The involvement of independent BC and IT DR specialists gave senior management, investors and stakeholders the necessary assurance that the bank’s technology would be recoverable. Since this project the bank has gone from strength to strength and can be confident that its IT DR and testing capability has a solid foundation.