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The Client

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The Challenge

Scotland was hosting the G8 conference and the solicitor’s head office premises were in an area of Edinburgh city centre where it was anticipated that demonstrations would take place. Prior business continuity planning had identified the requirement to ensure client services and communications were not disrupted for longer than 4 hours, which could potentially be jeopardised should the anticipated anarchist demonstrations be realised.

The Solution

As this was a known threat with distinct timelines, a G8 contingency plan was developed to supplement the firm’s business continuity plan. The crisis management team were subjected to a 2 hour exercise by a Teed consultant who introduced an evolving scenario of potential implications of the G8 protests. Following the exercise a review discussion was facilitated during which mitigating actions and a G8 period working process was drafted.

The Result

All necessary actions were undertaken prior to the G8 week and staff were advised of what they should and should not do during the period. Almost all of the injects and updates that were included within the scenario actually happened to other companies and their staff. Due to actions taken post exercise, the firm of solicitors were not unduly impacted by the G8 protests. Protesters tried to gain access to the building but the temporary increased security measures prevented this.