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The Client

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Leading global ICT infrastructure and services provider

The Challenge

Our client acknowledged that they needed to refresh their business continuity plans and ensure their recovery capability continued to meet the needs of their primary customer.

The Solution

Following a business impact analysis process, significant changes were made to the existing business continuity plans.

Previously plans had been a “collection of information” but not a tool that could be picked up and followed in the event of an incident. Critical activities were clearly defined within the new plan and all required activities to keep these operating in the event of the loss of premises, people or ICT resource.

It was subsequently recognised that the complexity and the generic nature of the previous plans had stopped business continuity being accepted within the organisation.

The new business continuity plans were launched during a series of desktop exercises involving senior management.

The Result

Our client appreciated that the resulting business continuity plans were much more useable than they had been previously – Teed consultants do not believe in including information, just for the sake of it. Plans must be straightforward and easy to use in the event of an incident.

Senior management were given confidence in respect of the effectiveness of the plans during the exercising at the end of the project, as well as a good appreciation of their residual risks.

Showing evidence of our independent specialist input allowed our client to satisfy their primary customer that business continuity plans are now effective and up to date.