Housing Association

The Client

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Registered charity that manages in the region of 3,000 homes

The Challenge

A recent relocation of several premises into a central head office location highlighted concerns about being more exposed to disruption should the site be impacted by an incident.

Business continuity planning was chosen as the mechanism by which the threat could be addressed and Teed consultants were appointed to put in place an incident management structure that would allow the effective response to any incident and supporting business continuity plans.

Teed consultants were also asked to develop a Business Continuity Plan for their Head Office and develop a template plan to cover their housing estates.

The Solution

An incident management hierarchy was developed that would allow the response to any business continuity threatening incident, whether this related to offices or housing schemes.

The roles and responsibilities of a central Incident Management Team were defined, together with emergency response representatives at each site. The structure ensured that response activities that required action within the initial minutes and hours of an incident were understood and a logical recovery process could then be undertaken to protect critical activities.

The Incident Management Team were taken through a range of scenarios during a desktop exercise that allowed them to utilise the business continuity plan and gain an appreciation of how to make affective decisions in response to an incident.

The Result

The year after business continuity plans were developed and tested, the new head office was immersed in floodwater for several days due to unprecedented regional flooding.

The Incident Management Team got together and invoked the business continuity plan and associated recovery decisions. Prompt and decisive decisions were taken and critical activities were all up and running again within 24 hours.

Teed consultants were not required that year to carry out an exercise as the Incident Management Team was able to satisfy this requirement by responding to a real event.

However, in subsequent years we are asked to carry out an independent exercise to ensure that they are ready and able to deal with any future incidents that they may have to face, whatever the cause.