Food Product Manufacturer

The Client

Food Product Manufacturer image

One of the world's leading producers of manufactured casings for the food industry.

The Challenge

The company recognised that an incident causing the loss of central support services or regional manufacturing capability could impact upon the ability to maintain supply to customers, which would lead to a potential loss of market share.

The company’s insurers recommended that this risk could be mitigated through undertaking a business impact analysis process and developing business continuity plans and strategies.

The Solution

The client opted initially for a pilot project covering all central support services and a single manufacturing facility.

A business impact analysis methodology was designed by Teed consultants that suited a manufacturing environment and ensured that valid information was collected. Critical activities were defined, recovery timescales identified, contingencies explored and minimum resource capabilities clarified.

Interviews with heads of each business function were used to gather the required information and the results collated within a business impact analysis report submitted to management. This information was utilised to allow effective strategies and plans to be developed.

The Result

The client was so pleased with the results of the pilot project that Teed were subsequently asked to roll out the project to other facilities globally. 

This process is now complete and all sites have undergone appropriate business continuity exercising, the lessons of which have stood them in good stead when subjected to real events.

Teed continue to provide independent annual exercises to ensure that the business continuity plans remain live and ready for use.