Energy Industry Body

The Client

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Oil & gas national industry body, working closely with companies across the entire sector, governments and other stakeholders to address the important issues and strengthen the long-term health of the nation’s offshore oil and gas industry.

The Challenge

It became clear to Teed consultants during 2008 that the security of oil and gas supply to the region was threatened due to a significant number of uncertainties about how the industry would respond to a pandemic.

Consequently, Teed met with our client, the representative body for the country’s offshore oil and gas industry, and it was agreed that urgent action needed to be taken. An Offshore Pandemic Steering Group was established including representatives from operators, suppliers, contractors and government agencies.

The Solution

Teed co-facilitated all steering group meetings and led the industry wide pandemic exercise. We used our experience and industry knowledge to help ensure that organisations were able to put aside corporate priorities, whilst focusing upon finding a solution that would serve the interests of the industry and the UK. This also enabled an effective response to the swine flu outbreak and the publishing of the industry’s Pandemic Management Strategy.

The Result

At the outset of this project, it seemed uncertain whether it was possible to bring such a diverse community together and it is testament to Teed consultants’ facilitation skills and specialist knowledge that some seemingly insurmountable problems were overcome.