Aerospace Company

The Client

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Part of a global defence, security and aerospace company with over 100,000 employees.

The Challenge

It was recognised that there was a significant reliance upon select key suppliers to continue providing services and products, otherwise aircraft production could cease. However, requests for confirmation of business continuity preparedness were providing mixed results and there was no clear indication of where the company was exposed.

The Solution

Individual exercises were designed and facilitated for select key suppliers at their premises. Scenarios were designed to test effectiveness of risk controls, the incident response process and the ability to resume services. The exercises and subsequent reviews involved key individuals from both client and supplier companies. A business continuity preparedness scoring method was utilised to highlight any inadequacies in relation to people, documentation, communication, solutions and exposure issues.

The Result

The exercise programme for key suppliers has now been running successfully for several years and has helped to motivate suppliers to take business continuity seriously. Numerous unacceptable risks have been identified and actions identified and agreed to take away these risks. The business continuity exercise programme now forms an integral part of the supplier management process.