Oil & Gas Operating Company

The Client

Oil & Gas Operating Company image

A FTSE 250 leading North Sea oil & gas operating company.

The Challenge

This North Sea operating company recognised that they had not invested sufficiently in their IT and communications infrastructure. Things were starting to go wrong and having an impact on the efficiency of offshore operations. 

For example, email had gone down for several days and this led to inappropriate decisions being taken offshore that had cost implications of more than $½ million. If all actions identified during the previous DR project had been implemented then this would not have happened.

Teed were asked to coordinate the implementation activity to ensure that the appropriate work was carried out in an efficient manner this time, without spending more than necessary.

The Solution

A realistic project plan was drafted and agreed. Actions were allocated to the appropriate technical representatives.

Teed consultants facilitated project progress meetings every few weeks to ensure that the project was on track and provide independent advice on any issues or contractual negotiations.

The Result

Once the work was completed and all actions ticked off, Teed provided verification to management that the previous risk exposures were now being managed effectively. 

An appropriate testing and maintenance programme was implemented to ensure that DR solutions would continue to be fit for purpose in the future.